I'm reminded of how short life is because a young man with a wife and two small children died last night from an intense battle with cancer.  Pray for the Johnson family (Jessica, Ava, and Lincoln) as they trust in God and His care for them now.  He is now free from pain, sorrow, tears and death.
I wrote this poem a couple years ago and was reminded of it.  Life is a vapor.


Two little girls, in dresses fair,
With golden locks and flowing hair
With tea in hand on little chairs
Surrounded by dolls and teddy bears.

Two teenage beauties, known as such,
Unaware their beauty wasn’t much,
Storing treasures in a wooden hutch,
Laughing at the beggar’s crutch.

Two young women, facing the world,
No longer laden with flowing curl
Longing for rings with glossy pearls,
Full of dreams to be unfurled.

Two mothers chatting ‘bout family quirks,
Or ice cream socials and husbands’ work,
While children all around them lurk,
Giving their skirts a stubborn jerk.

Two ladies, stiff, with graying hair,
Drinking tea in rocking chairs,
Wishing young people were all aware
that life is a vapor.


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lil' em said...

We all need to think about this fact more. It's sobering, but at the same time thrilling! God's plan is SO much bigger than our tiny life-span, and we often fail to recognise it! Thanks for a good reminder that every moment counts!!