About Me

I love God with all that I am--He is the sole desire of my heart!

I am a daughter of wonderful, godly parents who have raised my in the ways of the Lord and taught me to think critically and biblically.

I am a rebelutionay, committed to doing hard things for the glory of God, defying the cultural norm of apathy, complacency and rebellion.

I am a sinner, lost and on my way to hell without God. But by His grace, I have been found and redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!

I am on my way to Heaven! This world is not my home! Jesus is preparing a place for me!

But while on this earth I enjoy...

-Spending time in the Word of God

-Playing with my little siblings (of which there are five)

-Having deep and encouraging talk with my wonderful parents

-writing poetry and stories



-discussing things spiritual

-Ultimate Frisbee


-Peanut Butter

-Playing the piano



-My iBook G4 that I got for Christmas



-Fresh Pomegranates!

-Bible Bee!