Prayer Request

Next Saturday, the 27th, I am participating in a competition called Talents for Christ.  I have been preparing a speech for the past several months, and the days left are rapidly disappearing! 
I am speaking on Thirsting after God, and how it is so important to our lives, and how we must be careful to guard against the world's substitutes. (I may post my written speech on here at a later point, but since it is a competition, that may not be a good idea until it's over!)

So I have a couple specific prayer requests...
1. That I would be able to cut 45 seconds off my total time.  The requirements are between six and eight minutes and, as of tonight, I am consistently around 8:30.  This is really wearing on me, and keeping me from being at peace. Pray that the Lord will guide me in what I need to cut out!!!!
2. That I would be relaxed, trusting, and confident in Christ!  I can get quite nervous, but my instinct is usually to put on an air of self-confidence and go with it.  While I hope I won't be a nervous wreck on the inside, pray that I will be leaning entirely on Christ and not on my own strength--I want Him to be clearly glorified through me! I am at one o'clock in the afternoon, so if you could even pray then, I would greatly appreciate it!
3. That my message would be clear and challenging. I so desire to touch people's hearts! Not for my own sake, but because God is so longing for a closer relationship with each of His people!  Pray that those who really need to hear about this topic would be there and be willing to listen and apply. 
4. That God would be glorified through this wicked lump of clay!  I yearn for Him to be lifted high, whether it is by my winning or falling flat on my face.  I don't want it to be about Sophie, but about God and God Alone, and each listeners relationship with Him!

"O God, You are my God! Earnestly I will seek You, my soul thirsts for You!"

Thank you in advance for your prayers...it is the best help I could ask for!

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