Why I love the National Bible Bee

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may have realized that my posts have been much shorter of late.  Often, they are merely a quote or excerpt or verse that I have been pondering. This has been due to my participation in the National Bible Bee.
I found out on September 1st that I qualified (rank 24) for the national contest in Schaumberg, Illinois, on November 11-13!

I wanted to share with you why I am participating in this contest, and why I believe it is extremely beneficial to my spiritual growth.

Through the National Bible Bee, I have discovered overflowing fountains of knowledge, encouragement, and refreshment.  I am loving spending hours a day diving deep and finding hidden treasure.  I am realizing the importance of God’s Word in my life.  I am daily in awe of how mighty, powerful and awesome He is and how small, sinful, and insignificant I am, and YET HE STILL LOVES ME!  His mercies are new every morning.  He will never leave me nor forsake me.  He sent His Son to the earth to die and rise again for me.  His promises are true through all generations and will never fail.  “He is my God and I will praise Him.  My father’s God and I will exalt Him!”(Exodus 15:12) 

I love the National Bible Bee, because it is an excuse for me to devote much of my day to doing the most important thing: spending time with my Savior and seeking to know Him more and be changed by that relationship.  Participating in the National Bible Bee both this year and last year have changed my perception of the Bible and increased my knowledge of it by huge bounds.  I now have a treasury of God’s words to me, not only at my fingertips, but also in my heart and on my tongue.   My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would be at work through my study to bring about fruit in my life, and that I may more perfectly reflect my Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom I owe everything.

There is no better time that at a young age to commit verses to memory. Spending your summer (and fall!) studying the Word of God develops a passion and desire to know Him better! Most young people spend hours and hours being entertained by TV and video games, and they will not be prepared when temptation or trouble comes. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matt. 5:14) Our country desperately needs young people who know what they believe and why they believe it, and will under no circumstances deny that which they know is Truth! (John 17:17)

But BEWARE! If you participate in the National Bible Bee, you will come away changed! “For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12) If you really spend all the time studying these verses and hiding them in your heart, you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind!

Thanks for your prayers as I study my 800 verses and the book of Colossians.  

For more info, check out the Bible Bee website.
Psalm 115:1 "Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to Your name give glory, because of Your mercy, because of Your truth."

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