Day 13: I Know Not How

Tune is available via midi here.

1. I know not how that Bethlehem’s Babe
Could in the Godhead be;
I only know the manger Child
Has brought God’s life to me.

2. I know not how that Calvary’s cross
A world from sin could free;
I only know its matchless love
Has brought God’s love to me.

3. I know not how that Joseph’s tomb
Could solve death’s mystery;
I only know a living Christ,
Our immortality.

We KNOW that Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby, fully God and fully man.
We KNOW that through Him we have forgiveness of sins and an inheritance with those who are sanctified through faith in Him.
We KNOW that we have eternal life. 

This Christmas many people become desperate, lost and confused. They don't know the truth, and they don't even know if there IS truth. 
We KNOW that there is truth, and we KNOW the TRUTH HIMSELF.
Do not be ashamed of the Truth, for those who know it will be set free by it.

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