Day 16: Cast off All Doubtful Care

Better late than never? :)

Cast off all doubtful care,
    Exile and banish tears;
To joyful news divine
    Lend us your listening ears.
1. An earthly tree a heavenly fruit it bare,
        A case of clay contained a crown immortal,
A crown of crowns, a King whose cost and care
        Redeemed poor man, whose race before was thrall
    To death, to doom, to pains of everlasting,
    By His sweet death, scores, stripes and often fasting.

2. A star above the stars, a sun of light,
        Whose blessed beams this wretched earth bespread
With hope of heaven and of God's Son the sight,
        Which in our flesh and sinful soul lay dead.
    O faith, O hope, O joys renowned forever
    O lively death that deathless shall persever!

3. Then let us sing the lullabies of sleep
        To this sweet Babe, born to awake us all
From drowsy sin that made old Adam weep,
        And by his fault gave to mankind the fall.
    For lo! this day, the birthday, day of days,
    Summons our songs to give Him laud and praise.

We always need to be reminded to cast our cares and burdens down at the Master's feet! We continually try to bear our load on our own, and become oh! so weary, when all the time is burden is easy and His yoke is light!

I considered including the midi for this carol, but decided against it. The words to this song sing music to my soul, and I don't need a tune to revel in it!  
"A case of clay contained a crown immortal, A crown of crowns, a King" - it thrills my soul to think of it! O faith, O hope, O joys renowned forever!
We ever revel in the truth of Christmas!

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