The Daily Grind

Yesterday I began the first day of my last semester of high school...and I find that I am ready to be done with school forever and ever! :) But I know that my attitude will not change toward my tasks for the rest of my life, if NOW I choose to think of them as grueling, miserable wastes of time!
My goal is to wake up every morning with a love for God and for the life He's given me; to be filled with excitement for the day ahead and the opportunities to praise Him that may arise! But so often, this is not the case. So often I wake up and think, "Lord, I don't want to get up! Let me sleep another hour!"
I need to deprive myself of sleep, and be diligent in what I MUST do.  I MUST have a joy in doing my tasks and revel in "whatever I do, bringing glory to God." Every thought a prayer, every act a sacrifice, every word a song of praise!
May math be my incense, government my melody, and laundry...my humble ministration of service to You!
I don't want to look back on these days and months as a waste, as a time when I went through the motions. May I look back and remember the devotion to my God that permeated EVERY AREA of my day, every area of my life!
Soli Deo Gloria!


Allison said...

Amen! May each of our lives be lived to the utmost to God our Savior, and may we turn each circumstance as an opportunity to serve and praise Him alone!

Grace Mieczkowski said...

Thank you Sophie! Praise the Lord for his guidance in ALL areas of our lives.