foolishness in the sight of some : a poem

:foolishness in the sight of some:

what would I lose
if in giving up this world’s pleasures
which bring only pain and sorrow
I discovered joy uncontainable

what would I lose
if in suffering the persecution of mortal men
which is not comparable to what my Lord suffered
I gained an eternal crown of righteousness

what would I lose
if in going out of the comfort zone of my flesh
which hinders and detracts from my service
I reflected not myself, but Christ

what would I lose
if in choosing to live a life different than the world
which is mocked and belittled as foolish
I became a little more like my Savior

what would I lose
if in losing this world I gained a heavenly home
which is eternal and cannot be lost
I laid my rewards at Jesus’ feet

November 22, 2008


Hannah Leary said...

Of course, according to this world, you would be losing everything. But according to the Lord, you would have NOTHING to lose! Living for Christ is completely worth while, fulfilling, and rewarding. Living for Jesus is all that will count, living for anything else will be wasted. Thanks for sharing and giving me something to ponder about!

Grace be with you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, my dear! We lose nothing; but gain eternal joy!! Truly you are on to something. . . . . may the Word dwell richly in us today!

Loving you


Ashley McKevitt said...

What pleasures can compare to serving the Lord Most High? His ways are right and filled with love. I'm so glad you posted this poem. That's right, Mr. LaFleur, we do gain eternal joy!