Day 6: A moment I wish I could relive

I've been trying to think about this for awhile.
I can't think of one specific moment that I would like to relive.
But there are many moments that I regret something I said or did, that if I could take it back, I would. A sarcastic comment, a look of disgust, a truth broken.
And there are moments that I wish I would have seized: gone up and said hello to that girl who looked lonely, added in a comment about Christ when wishing someone a merry Christmas, asking about someone's prayer life.
And there are moments that I loved living...that I wish I could just live again for the fun of it, for the mere pleasure of the good things God gives! Laughter is so precious. And tears draw hearts together in the dearest of ways.
I am loving my life! I am content with the way life is and the way it is going. I don't want to relive anything because you never know what joys could happen NOW in God's perfect plan for me:)

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