Day 7: 5 Things you couldn't possibly live without!

1. MY GOD - He is my LIFE, my very breath! Without Him, I would curl up and die or explode into a ball of fire!  He is my Savior, my best Friend, my Comforter, my EVERYTHING! I cannot overemphasize that HE is my GOD and I couldn't possibly live without HIM!
2. The Word of GOD- The Bible. Through this living book, I can KNOW God!  I can see what He is like, what He has promised, what His plan is for my life, what I am to do when I am discouraged, hurting or joyful...without it, I would have no direction, hope or satisfaction! It is the delight of my soul.
3. My family - is the BEST! I have godly parents whose goal in life is to honor God, love and serve one another, and raise us with a vision to do the same! I am in the small minority in having an amazing family like that! I have one older sister, three younger sisters, and two little brothers--who are all my best friends:) I love everyone in my family for their individuality, their personal desire for God, and the way they make my life so fun!!!! I can't imagine life without them:)
4. Food - I really couldn't  live without this:) But I'm also really thankful that God made it so yummy, especially coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, berries, pomegranates, grapefruit, buttery rolls, delicious salads with blue cheese dressing...God made life so enjoyable!
5. My brothers and sisters in Christ - every where I go, I can find believers and it's like a family reunion!  I love it! I can feel at home anywhere because the church is universal and the love of Christ is so powerful!
6. (yes, I'm cheating and adding another...) Water. I would die if I didn't have it, but it's so delicious and pure and satisfying. No other drink satisfies my thirst, and I can never drink enough of it! I'm so thankful that God made something so necessary to our bodies, so refreshing!

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