(For lack of a better title) my life lately:)

I am sorry that I have been so woefully inconsistent with blogging lately. It has been and is a crazy time of year and of my life!
I finished school a week and a half ago, so that's WONDERFUL!
My graduation recital and open house is this Saturday, so the days have been (and will be through Saturday:) quite busy with preparation for that.
For the past several months, I've been compiling our family recipes into a cookbook, and we are in the final proofing stage! WAHOO! We hope to have a copy out at my open house so crunch time is here:)
This past weekend our youth group put on our annual Easter drama/musical, so we had practices for that at church. Also, on Saturday night, was our Junior/Senior Formal Banquet, which was a marvelous time!
Last week, also, was Holy Week, so we went to our first Passover Seder, and spent time meditating on what Christ has done for us! Our lives have the potential to be so wonderful because of what Christ completed at the cross! It is only our stubbornness and pride that keep us from fully enjoying the things God has given us to do:)
Because of the Cross and the Empty Tomb...I can live a hopeful, vibrant life! Crazy times of life like these shouldn't leave me with a bittersweet taste afterward because LIFE IS WORTH THE LIVING! I have a future ahead of me that has been perfectly planned since before the dawn of time! I am excited to see what this future will hold.
God has been faithful through all my years of home schooling. He will continue to be faithful in the next phase of my life...whatever that will look like:)
"The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Sarah said...

Hey Sophie, its Sarah from the rebelution forums. Do you think you will be doing the Bible Bee again this year? I am. Have a great day!

In Christ,

Ashley Rose said...

May God strengthen you as you seek to get all this done. Thanks for the update. I love hearing what is specifically going on in your life since we're so far away. When you get married, I really want to come:)

jesron said...

I WANT A COPY OF THE LAFLEUR COOKBOOK!!!!! Since we won't be able to be there, please tell Jesse to pay you for it now (including enough for shipping!!) Perhaps you should go into publishing...although, I'm not too sure just how much "math" is involved in that career! :-) Miss you gal and excited about your graduation! Congratulations!*rb*

Abigail said...

Thanks for the update, Sophie!

What songs are you playing at your recital? I wish I could hear you!! We'll just have to find a piano in Nashville (Lord willing!).

I'm praying for you! My sister had her senior recital last year, so I have a little idea of what you're going through--busy doesn't begin to describe it!

In Christ,