time well spent

What counts as time well spent? 
Does it have to be something profound? Does it have to be intentional? What makes something count for eternity?

Christmas break is a good time to test myself and my use of time. I heard a statement once that the true test of a man is what he does when he has nothing to do. Ouch.
When you have "nothing to do," what do you do? Read? Play video games? Facebook?
I'm pondering what it means to spend my time well, to redeem the time as Paul describes it in Ephesians. If I have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, for (Lord willing) approximately 70 years...that's really not that much time.
So what's a good use of time?
Something I won't regret tomorrow. Something that I won't regret when I'm 50 years old. Something that counts for eternity.
There are only a few things that count for eternity. God. The Word of God. People.
Time really well spent is time pursuing my relationship with God and my relationship with the people He has put in my life.
My mom likes to say that quality time is both quality and quantity. Sometimes it is short, but purposeful and deep. Other times...it's just time! Time laughing together. Time chatting over coffee. Time discussing Scripture. Time singing around the piano. Time playing Legos. Time crocheting. Time rubbing shoulders. Time listening. Time crying.
Times like these are what deepen relationships with my family and friends.
Time with God is vitally important as well. Time talking to Him. Time reading His Word. Time memorizing His Word. Time sitting still and knowing that He is God. Time singing to Him. Time serving His people.
This is time well spent.
Over Christmas break, I am going to try to spend my time well. I sure won't spend every moment  wisely, but my goal is to look back with fondness, having made memories that will last a lifetime and deepening relationships that will last forever.

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