When you come to a crossroads on the path of Christian life,
And your heart is torn between the two, riddled with the strife,
When it seems as though you’d lose so much if you turn from what you know
And follow the ill-trodden path where few men choose to go,
Look down the road a short ways off and see what all men dread,
That highway does not lead to joy, but pain and tears instead.
Gaze down the path that, though it’s rough, leads ever straight and true,
And choose that blessed, narrow way, which Christ first walked for you.
Don’t listen when your friends plead for you to join their crowd
Press on—for they are blind to sins their pathway has allowed.
Join with the few who hike along the sacred path and pray
For those who know not what they missed when they chose the culture’s way.

Sophie LaFleur
(July 5, 2005; January 17, 2008)


Jennifer said...

This is really good! It is very encouraging, too.

LoVizzle said...

Very good! It's doctrinally true and it rhymes! Very awesome, Sophie!

Sophie said...

I'm glad it was an encouragement! I was looking through My documents and found it, after writing it in 2005. Neat how something I wrote five years ago can be a blessing both to me and others! Praise the Lord.