beneath my feet

beneath my feet
these crunching leaves
the flaking pieces of a tree that could no longer hold on
void of life

beneath my feet
this hard-worn path
footprints made by travelers with no direction but the next step
leading nowhere

beneath my feet
this earthen ground
where man’s remains are buried for no one to find
no more to live

beneath my feet
convulsing sphere
spinning in space controlled by a force I can’t fully understand
unexplained rhythm

beneath my feet
all I’ve ever known
death and decay caused by the choices of mankind
world with an end

beneath my feet
there is no hope
but my soul is bound to a place where death and decay can never reach
life without end

by Sophia LaFleur
October 1, 2008

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Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Wow...awesome poem Sophie...you truly have a gift. I can honestly say I have only written one good poem in my whole life, and sadly I turned it in for a project in English class never got it back. Anyways...very good poem Sophie.