From turkeys to candy canes...

Thanksgiving was a marvelous time of rejoicing and good fellowship with friends and family. I am truly so blessed.  I look around at the faces in the grocery store and on the street and in the cars around me, and I know that I have something that they do not.
Thanksgiving to them is an excuse to get off work, gorge yourself, then plop on the couch and watch football. To me, it is a day in which I thank the God Who loves me and has done so much for me for His Love and all He has done.  It is a special day set apart to honor our Maker, to prevent our forgetting His blessings.
But everyday I can thank Him! Every day I can praise Him for His goodness and His blessings to me, such a poor sinner.

And now, in a few short days, our view has changed from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Our home has been transformed into a winter wonderland with red bows, evergreen branches, and shimmering gold angels.  My little siblings made Christmas countdowns to hang on their wall.  Many thousands of people descended on the stores to snatch up a great deal. Christmas parties and programs are announced at church.  The kids bring Mom and Dad their Christmas lists.  Every where, Christmas lists appear on houses.  In the stores, it's Christmas music everywhere. "It's beginning to look ALOT like Christmas..."

What is it about Christmas that excites us so?  With the world around us so focused on the temporal, materialistic things, how can we keep our focus on the reason for Christmas, the birth of our Savior?

I'm mulling all this over, and will post my theories soon:)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

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