Day 3: Favorite Book

A favorite book. Hmm. That means that...
  • It is the ONE book I would choose above any others
  • I ALWAYS want to read it
  • It never grows old; I want to read it over and over
There is only ONE book that I can attempt to say these things about, and I can't say that every time I look at my favorite book I feel a passion to read it. But I'm so grateful that I have the ONE book that is always relevant, always applicable, always true, always full of richness, always pure, always worthy of my time!
God's Word, the Bible, the Holy Scriptures.

Every time I hear those words, I should get a chill down my spine, a lump in my throat. I have the very WORDS OF GOD IN MY HANDS! Renew my desire and passion for Your Word, O my God! Write Your law in my heart! May I desire it above all else and may nothing else satisfy me!

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