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Long ago, God, in many different ways, revealed himself to us through many different people, who like us were mere men.
But in these last days, He has spoken to use in a special way, using a personal messenger. He has spoken to us through His Son.
His Son is the heir and inheritor of the entire world, because through HIS POWER the world was created.
He IS the radiance of God's glory.
He is not just a reflection of God; He is the EXACT IMPRINT OF GOD.
He UPHOLDS THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, which He created and will inherit, by THE WORD OF HIS POWER.
"After making purification for sins..."
after taking the form of a slave,
after taking on mere humanity,
after submitting Himself to serve those whom He created,
after surrendering to their humiliation of Him,
after suffering in His human body in the cruelest means of death,
after suffering through utter separation from THE FATHER,
after making Himself the scapegoat for OUR SIN,
He sat down.
He, being God, being All-Powerful, completed that which we could never do.
He paid the debt for our sin, took our well-deserved punishment, then ascended back to the heights of HIS GLORY : THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD : The Ultimate Seat of Power, Authority, and Blessing!

And we are IN CHRIST. We are united with Him in His death, and in His Resurrection, and someday...

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