As may be apparent to some of you...I have dropped off of the 30 day blog challenge.
This was somewhat intentional, but let me explain.
The purpose of this blog is not to promote myself, and tell you all about my likes and dislikes. When writing things like this, my passion for writing it dries up. I have trouble motivating myself to write when I feel obligated to share trivial things. I'm not at all trying to say that the 30 day blog challenge is bad, just that, for me, it is more trying than beneficial.
So I am hereby ceasing from the 30 day blog challenge:)
And I have some really exciting thoughts to share from my studying in the Word this morning...


Josiah (From Accountability Forum) said...

I didn't mind the 30 day blog challenge, but I really like your reasons for why you decided to discontinue it. Keep up the good work! I've really been enjoying your blog!

Talia said...

Hi, I'm Talia. I got a link to your blog from my friend Sarah at andsoourjourneybegins.blogspot.com. I just want to say, I really admire you for discontinuing this. I think it is so cool that you desire to post about godly things. That's great!
Talk to you later,

Sophie said...

Thanks for the encouragement Josiah and Talia! It means alot!