I Run To Christ

I was first introduced to this song on our winter retreat, and wanted to share it, because it is such a good picture of the Christian life. Run to Christ, don't cling to your cares! Praise the Lord for music that uplifts the heart and challenges the soul! 
I RUN TO CHRIST by Christ Anderson
Hear a beautiful rendition here.
I run to Christ when chased by fear
And find a refuge sure.
“Believe in me,” His voice I hear;
His words and wounds secure.
I run to Christ when torn by grief
And find abundant peace.
“I too had tears,” He gently speaks;
Thus joy and sorrow meet.
I run to Christ when worn by life
And find my soul refreshed.
“Come unto Me,” He calls through strife;
Fatigue gives way to rest.
I run to Christ when vexed by hell
And find a mighty arm.
“The Devil flees,” the Scriptures tell;
He roars, but cannot harm.
I run to Christ when stalked by sin
And find a sure escape.
“Deliver me,” I cry to Him;
Temptation yields to grace.
I run to Christ when plagued by shame
And find my one defense.
“I bore God’s wrath,” He pleads my case—
My Advocate and Friend.

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Ashley McKevitt said...

Oh, I loved it! Thanks, Sophie!