Not just a story

Sometimes I have trouble reading Scripture as fact, as things that REALLY happened. Especially when I'm reading stories in the gospels, stories I've heard since I was...okay, all my life. This morning, I was reading in Matthew, and again, I had to cry out, "LORD, open my eyes! Overwhelm me with Your power."
Fast-forward two seconds...
"And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple, and he healed them."
Nothing glamorous or amazing, right?
Wait! Read that again! HE HEALED THEM!
A lame man...never having walked or ran or skipped or played tagged or climbed a mountain or hopped on one foot or participated in a three-legged race or crawled...
                                         ...and Jesus healed him.
A child...never had he seen light, could not fathom the color red, had never seen how clouds drift in the sky, had never seen his reflection in a pool of water...
...and Jesus healed him.

These are not just words on a page or computer screen, this is the story of a life! Jesus changed these people in an instant. FOREVER!
What about you? Can you look back a moment in your life that Jesus CHANGED you? Maybe not physically, but spiritually. Did He transform your fearful heart into one of bold courage? Did He heal your emotional scars and give you satisfaction in Himself?
Just as real as that moment was in your life, was the moment when God strengthened the legs of a lame man, and opened the eyes of a blind child. Never read Scripture as "just a story." Ask God to blow you away. He will. 


LoVizzle said...

That was really good. I loved reading that. I can see your excitement, your passion, your smile, all in those words. Keep reading the Bible and posting like that! :)

Elisabeth said...

Dear Sophie,
My name is Elisabeth
I am a friend of Abbie Grace. Our dads are partners. (And so got to your blog from her blog.)
I was soooo blown away by your blog!! The gospel was so clear!!!! The posts were Amazing!!
So many things I loved! It's like I could have written your blog! ha
One of your songs on your blog is one I have heard on the radio I loved it and always wanted to find it but never could find it.
Praise Jesus Christ for your blog!!! I a sinner saved by the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, homeschooled , in 11th grade and the oldest of 6 children at home.
I'd love to hear from you. My email is keeper91@bellsouth.net
Love In Christ,

The grace of the Lord
Jesus Christ, and the love
of God, and the communion
of the Holy Ghost, be
with you all........ 2 Cor 13:14