reminders of truth

I don't often take the time anymore to think, to ponder, to reflect, to remember. And I really need to.

I was home all day today. What a delightful day! I had time to pray and read the word and sing to the Lord and do laundry and study and play the piano and have some friends over and drink tea and eat warm cookies and laugh a lot and...and...I evaluate my day based on what I DO.
If I am busy and productive, it's a good day, right? Then I look into my heart. Oh, Lord, what do I find there? So often I find mixed motives, selfish desires, and people-pleasing attitudes, which shames and frustrates me because I want to want to want to want to please my God in everything!

So today I looked at my heart through the lens of God's Word and reminded myself of the TRUTH regarding myself.

  • My heart is totally depraved, incapable of pleasing God
  • My heart is totally redeemed, destined for eternity with God
  • My heart is being sanctified, and every day is a day in which I have the opportunity to become more like Christ
  • My heart is prone to wander and leave the God I love, even though He gave me my definition of love
  • My heart is treasure to be guarded and kept pure
  • My heart is designed to worship. I am always either worshipping God or something else
  • My heart can be deceived and blinded, therefore, I must be in the Word, which illuminates and reveals everything about me
I was home all day today. What a delightful day! I had time to DO many things that I love and I also had to time to THINK and to recommit my heart to God, because without Him, I am nothing. 


Mommy said...

Oh Dear Sophie Girl!

Thank you for you insightful comments. I love you and I love seeing God at work in you!!!


Logan said...

Those self-evaluations can be really beneficial to your walk with Jesus. Don't get out of the habit of doing them! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

So true, dearest Sophie. Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it come the issues of life. Let no deception rule there; rid yourself of anything that does not speak the truth of God and His Word. And you will be a pure vessel, fit for the Master's use. I love you.